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Construction Integrator Systems is a leading integrator of data signal distribution solutions and equipment and satellites for coaxial and optical cables. In a network, a coaxial cable allows simultaneous distribution of the Internet, satellite and terrestrial television, a security system and cameras, IP phones, etc. The solutions proposed by CIS have been installed at the level of many national operators. A team of workers and engineers from CIS draw on more than 15 years of experience in the integration of satellite reception equipment, videophone, remote monitoring and home automation. Thanks to a recent technology and proven to be effective in whole world of products integrated by our company, CIS is able to offer products at reasonable prices, while Maintaining high quality and definite added value to your installations whether in buildings, factories, or any other building.

Our Solutions

Remote monitoring solutions

One of the leaders in this field, CIS carried out the installation of hundred cameras over periods of more than years passing to each time from one technology to another while equipping powerful tools to achieve reliable installations and durable over time, minimizing the risk of breakdowns possible CIS expertise is often called upon for audits of existing networks for a software update or of equipment.


Reception Solutions collective satellite


We have developed during our experience in the installation of collective TV system in high standing residences unparalleled know-how in within our region by offering a very high quality of service satisfactory in terms of signal or safety of this signal and this by integrating each time a material efficient in compliance with European standards.

Access control

The security of property is one of the objectives that we want achieve when installing our security products access which is done either by codes or chips. This integration was carried out either at the level of access to the residences either in protected accesses such as laboratories or services sensitive.




*Control of household electrical appliances from a distance
* Energy management
* Home security
*Assistance in daily life

Detection Solutions smoke and GAS

We carry out our studies for the detection of smoke and smoke extraction with the greatest care using tools professionals in the calculation of wiring sections and their deployment environment and we are carrying out these studies on the field with high performance equipment respecting the standards European.


Signaling Solutions security and nurse call


We are currently integrating several signaling solutions at the level of sensitive entities such as schools and hospitals and we are currently developing our own nurse call system that we will put on the Algerian market in the most promptly.

Network Solutions IT

One of our anchor and nodal points, the computer networks that they either physical deployment or soft installation poses no problems for our specialists who are experienced in this type of installation physical such as deployment and patching of ftp cables according to European standards in force or the deployment and fusion of optical fiber using equipment that we have acquired for several years of use of FUJIKORA fiber, the reflectometer, OTDR etc. L (installation of a clean room, to accommodate DATACENTERs is also part of our skills as well as the installation of servers under linux regardless of their DATA BASE, WEB, Security, Proxy functionality Or other…..


Solar energy photovoltaic


An axis that we are currently implementing at the level of high standing residences and villas that we have studied for several years e. This introduction is the result of a study that we conducted shed light on the need to switch to renewable energies which, in our opinion, is first and foremost a securing energy sources and then thanks to the new prices which have significantly decreased thus allowing access to this one.

Our Applications


Call My Immo is a platform that allows you to send your complaints to your promoter your complaints concerning breakdowns, the problems that you can find during the use of the solutions of Telesurveillance, videophone, Tv ... etc.!

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Inwe Cloud Managment


Constructor Integrator Systems C.I.S, leader of the main solution integrators, offers Inwe Cloud Managment: Intelligent project management solution. This solution is intended for companies in order to : facilitate remote clocking, management of on-site work teams and online monitoring of work progress ... Inwe is a system consisting of a platform and a mobile application that you can access anywhere.

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